Travel Tips

To help you plan your trip to Lucban, here are some tips which you can follow to have a safe and enjoyable trip. We would like every visitors to enjoy their stay in Lucban and get back home safe and sound.

  1. If you are traveling from Manila, take the Calamba-Sta. Cruz-Pagsanjan, Laguna route. Travel time is lesser by 1 hour or about 30 km shorter than passing through the capital, Lucena City.
  2. Parking space is difficult to find within Lucban during the Festival. Visitors planning to have their cars parked inside the town should go to Lucban early before May 15.
  3. Lucban town proper will be closed to incoming vehicular traffic from the morning of May 15 until late afternoon. Motorists are directed to park their vehicles in designated parking areas outside the town.
  4. Streets along the Pahiyas parade/procession route and other designated areas will be closed to vehicular traffic. Walking is the best way to go around town during the Pahiyas festival. Tricycles are banned to ply the streets during the day of the Festival.

  5. Fans, hats, caps and other head and body protection are useful to protect you from too much sunlight especially from noon till early afternoon. Umbrella is also handy as weather is unpredictable in Lucban.
  6. Expect heavy traffic especially in the late afternoon after all the programs and festivities has ended and visitors start to leave.
  7. Visit and print the Map of Lucban / Pahiyas Route Map to familiarize yourself of the places, landmarks and venues where the events will take place.
  8. Travel Advisory and other announcements will be posted in the Pahiyas website and newsletters from time to time to give you updates on the Pahiyas Festival.
  9. And if you really need urgent help, Contact Us and we will be glad to be of assistance.
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