Tour of Luzon Kicks Off, Passing Lucban from Manila to Lucena City

Sen. Francis ‘Chiz’ Escudero fired the starting gun to kick off the country’s premier cycling event, the Tour of Luzon in Quezon City at 9:00 am of April 13. Ninety riders pedaled their way from Quezon Memorial Circle to Lucena City at the start of Day One for a seven-day bikathon. A total of Php 2 million in cash prizes awaits the winners.
Lucban, at about noon was taken by surprise with blaring sirens from motorcyle cop-escorts, ambulances and tour officials vehicles as the tour pass the center of town. Lucbanins came out of their houses and offices and stopped momentarily from work to watch and cheer for the cyclists.

An accident was averted when a huge dump truck carrying sand did not stop immediately to make way for the speeding bikers and tour vehicles. The dump truck veered to the side almost sidesweeping two cyclists along the side of the road, but luckily they managed to pass through before they got hit.

There were no traffic officers even policemen manning and controlling the flow of pedestrians and vehicles that can obstruct the tour causing confusion to many passing cars, trucks and tricycles along the Quezon and Rizal Avenues where the tour passed through on its way to Tayabas before reaching Lucena City.

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