Lucban has traffic aides now

A project by the Lucban Municipal Tricycle and Franchising and Regulatory Board, about 20 men are training since Thursday for traffic manning and other road safety procedures to prepare themselves to become the first Lucban’s traffic aides. The project aims to ease traffic flow in major streets of Lucban due to increasing number of tricycles and vehicles coming or passing through town.
Major streets being manned by these enforcers include the Rizal Avenue and Quezon Avenue near the town plaza, Regidor and Cadeliña Sts near La Doña Ana Bldg., Concepcion St. and Mabini St. near the Marcos Tigla Park and A. Racelis Avenue, Gen. Lukban and Gomburza Sts. near the public market.

Those who will pass the training will receive a monthly salary of P2,500 (about USD 52.00) plus uniform. Actual traffic duties for these traffic enforcers will commence on April 1, 2009.

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