Pahiyas Route Map is Now Out

Every year, the route of the Lucban San Isidro Pahiyas Festival changes to give chance to other houses to decorate. Is it going to pass by your house or your friends’ or relatives’ this year? Check it out at the Route Map.

No to Commercialization of Pahiyas

NO TO COMMERCIALIZATION – says the Pahiyas Execom.. YES TO MAKING PAHIYAS A LUCRATIVE BUSINESS – AS the Pahiyas Execom DOES..   That is what the Pahiyas Executive Committee (ExeCom), who supervises the Pahiyas Festival is conveying since time immemorial due to the massive and uncontrollable proliferation of sponsors, their marketing activities coupled with marketing …

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Onli in Lucban

During the celebration of the Pahiyas Festival, you can observe or hear from many people, in many instances and events, that only the self-serving interests of those in the local government are being peddled, right in the eyes of the public, who cares for nothing and do nothing, even they are being cheated and aggravated …

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