3 More Days to Go.. and the UP Cherubim and Seraphim Mini-Concert

3 more days to go and yet Lucban is already bustling with lots and lots of people, vehicles and sponsors.  Not only the streets are full, even high above the streets are full – of buntings, small flaglets of sponsors hanging in the air in the whole stretch of the busiest streets in Lucban and they almost literaly cover the view of the sky.

Various programs are happening in front of the municipal building where a makeshift stage was constructed.  Today’s event at 9:00 am is the Bayo Ko, Tahip Ko, a contest by farmers in pounding the palay in a traditional way using a giant mortar, a tradition that has long been gone because of the advent of milling equipments except in rural areas where this practice is still evident.


UP Cherubim and Seraphim with Lucban choral groups and Ms Mirano

In the evening, there is recital of children and young adults who graduated from different summer workshops and trainings in arts, music, song and dance.  A must-see during the recital is the beautiful and enchanting voices of the UP Cherubim and Seraphim who came all the way from Manila to participate in the Lucban San Isidro Pahiyas Festival.  Some participating choral groups from Lucban will also join them in giving us memorable renditions that everyone should hear.

This particular event is so special because it is the first time that the award-winning choral group composed of children aged 8-21 came and will be heard in Lucban.  A training-workshop was held for free by the choral group led by Dr. Elena Rivera Mirano, the groups conductor and trainor.  These participating choral groups from Lucban led by the SLSU High School Chorale had only one day to rehearse about 5 songs and yet it is beautifully executed.  Catch them at the town plaza at 7:00 pm today, May 12, 2009.


Coming events:
May 13 – Langgonisa Festival
May 14 – Gayak Karosa (Float Festival)
    Pansit Habhab Fiesta-val
    Fireworks Display
May 15 – Holy Mass and Procession
    Selection of the Best Pahiyas
    Grand Parade


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